Jordan part 1: My Jordanian adventure begins – arriving in Amman

After leaving Romania I went on to the main goal of this journey, Jordan.

I started my trip around Jordan in it’s capital Amman. Just about the first thing you see when you leave the airport is a sign to the Iraqi border and to the Syrian border, this is a good reminder of what area of the world you are in, but Jordan is very peaceful, so there is nothing to worry about.

I started by going to my hotel. A quite small hotel named Arab Tower in Amman, which I would btw recommend, it’s not fancy, but it has a great location in downtown Amman, and all the neccessities you may need, and the staff is both friendly and helpful, and the stay is very cheap.

After finding my hotel I went out to explore downtown Amman by Night. It is a very lively place, it feels a bit like a bazar, it is a huge collection of small shops and restaurants, and whatever you want you can find.
I sadly did not bring my camera, so I only have these pictures captured with my phone camera.

After spending a lovely evening checking out downtown by night I went back to the hotel and went to bed, so I would be rested and ready for my first full day of exploring in Jordan.

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