Tour de France in Copenhagen

After years of waiting. this year it was finally time for the Tour de France start in Denmark. And yesterday the start of this years “Le Tour” took place in Copenhagen. So I of course had to take the opportunity to go shoot some pictures and video of some of the greatest athletes in the world. And I have to say that it was not easy. Sports photography is a very different form of photography to what I’m used to, so even though I took around 1900 pictures in the threeish hours the event lasted only around 3-400 are halfway usable, and even fewer are what I would call decent, and even fewer still are of a quality where I’m willing to show them to the world, and those pictures are what you see in the gallery below.

Apart from being a new photography challenge, it was a real fun event to take part in. I’m not really interested in cycling, but The Tour in Copenhagen is a once in a lifetime thing, so of course I had to go see it. The air was filled with excitement, and I have never seen so many people in the streets of Copenhagen, it was quite amazing. Even the quite heavy amounts of rain didn’t seem to put a damper on the crowd or make anyone go home. So thank you to The Tour for dropping by.

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