Sarajevo 2022

So Sarajevo was awesome. I arrived with no idea what to expect, I had done zero research. I was invited to Sarajevo by my friend Martin because he needed a photographer for a project (there will be updates on this at some point on my social media). So I really went in blind. But Sarajevo is a beautiful city, though for better and for worse it is marked by it’s history. Readers my age and above will remember that there was a war in the region not that many years ago (1992-1995), and while Sarajevo seems to have healed quite well it is still marked by the atrocities that happened back then. There are of course a lot of new buildings as quite a lot of the city was destroyed. And many of the buildings that still stand from before 1992 are filled with bulletholes that feel like a constant reminder of what happened here only 30 years ago. Bosinia also seems very great at reminding itself of it’s history so as not to repeat it, there are lots of monumets to the fallen, and monuments to peace, and I think that is very beautiful. So the first gallery here is just a lot of pictures showing both sides of the city and it’s architecture, also notice that the older apartmentbuildings have a very old easteuropean style.

Quick sidenote: The bridge in picture number 7 is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated which is widely recognised as the event that sparked the first world war.

The war 1992-1995

This next gallery contains pictures related to the war. There are some monuments to the fallen, pictures from the Martyrs cemetary, where a lot of the people that gave their life to protect the country are buried. And lastly there are pictures from the “Museum of crimes against humanity and genocide” some of the last pictures are quite gruesome, so skip the second part of this gallery if you think it will be too much for you. Though I do believe that it is important to see these things to understand what cruelty predjudice and hatred can breed.

Sarajevo by Night

A couple of nights I went out with my camera to explore the city. Even though I didn’t try any of it I ended up taking a lot of pictures of sweets, they looked delicious, but I managed to control myself 😀

Also churches n’stuff.

The tunnel of hope

On day three we went out to see the tunnel of hope. It is a tunnel that was dug in secret during the war that led from a small village to the airport. There is a great little museum around it and you can get to experience walking through part of the tunnel. We got there by taking a bus most of the way and then just walking the small country roads the last 3 kilometers. It’s a beautiful walk, and I would absolutely recommend doing this instead of taking a cab as we were recommended.

The Olympic Stadium

On the last day in Sarajevo we decided to do some real sightseeing, so we went to see city hall, a mosque, a church and the Martys cemetary. But already at our first stop we got sidetracked as we saw a lift going up the mountain. So we decided to take a trip on it, not really knowing where it lead, but sure that the view would be great. Turns out it lead to the old Olympic city from the winter olympics in 1984. So that was an awesome detour, and the view was indeed great, and there was also an old bobsled track you can walk on. When we got back down we did also manage to see the other sights we had planned, but this detour turned out to be the highlight of the day.

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