Comic con panel: Daniel Radcliffe talks Horns, Harry Potter monsters, Young Doctors Notebook etc.

When I was in London this weekend I had the pleasure of seeing several panels, the most sought after of these was without a doubt the one with Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

It was a very intersting conversation to attend. Daniel was of course there to promote his new film Horns (which by the way looks awesome and not at all like the horror movie the poster had made me expect, but more like a dark comedy).

After the talk about horns and a short talk about Daniel Radcliffes San Francisco ComicCon Spiderman costume the floor was opened up for questions from the audience. Here the questions of course turned to Harry Potter, specifically what potter monster is his favorite. And lastly there was some talk about his tv series A Young Doctors Notebook where Daniel Radcliffe stars alongside Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

This was all in all a great panel, and I do apologize for the shaky camera work.

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