London day two: The Science Museum and a blue door

So last night I had still not decided if I wanted to do some oldschool sightseeing or go look at science. However when I got up this morning there was no doubt in my mind that I absoultely did not feel like spending hours on transport, so the choice was easy, I was gonna go to the Science Museum as it is close to the hotel and on my list of things I want to see on this trip. And I have to say it was a choice I did not regret.
I did do a detour on my way over there as I passed a sign that told me I was in Notting Hill, as I’m sure you might know, Notting Hill is apart from being a neightbourhood in London also the name of a quite popular romantic comedy that me and my family have wound up watching more times than we should probably admit.
So I of course had to take a detur to see if that blue door, that Hugh Grant lives behind, is really there, and it is.

On my way back from Notting Hill i stumbled upon a street merchant selling retrotoys, so I also wound up buying a cool little wind-up tin robot, it’s probably some cheap crap but I kinda love it. On the way to the museum I also passed the famous Royal Albert Hall and the Albert memorial that was built by Queen Victoria.

And now we finally get to the museum. That place is big. There is a lot of stuff to see, there, a couple of hightlights are a big exhibit on space exploration with a lot of equipment from previous space missions and moon landings. And there is an exhibit on the story of the computer, that among other things contain a jar with the preserved brain of Charles Babbage inside. Weirdly I saw nothing there about Alan Turing, but that might be because he is mostly at the war museum.

On the way back I again passed the Royal Albert Hall and went to the other side of the road to take a closer look at the Albert memorial thing. And BTW todays number of steps was 22936.

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