Rainy days are for long exposures

So it’s been a while since I updated this site, but today I just want to share a bit of my love of photography. It was a bit rainy when I had to go home from work today. And as the title says “Rainy days are for long exposures”, so I grabbed my trusty EM-5 that I almost always have in my backpack and went to the streets of Copenhagen to capture some of those magical reflections in the wet streets and pavements. Sadly I didn’t notice how dirty my lens had become, so I do apologize for the dirt on the pictures, but I still like them quite a lot.

Also people quite often ask why I love Olympus (OM System) so much. Apart from their cameras just being more fun to use cause of size and handeling, one of the main reasons is their incredible image stabilization. Some of these pictures were taken with and 8 second exposure handheld, I have never seen other cameras do that as well as Olympus.

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