The showfloor of D23 Expo 2017

Even more pictures… These are just more or less random pictures of the exhibition floor at D23.

Movie dresses
you can’t really go to a Disney Con without seeing some princess stuff. So here is a collection of Dresses used in different Disney liveaction movies.

Scrooge McDucks money bin
Yes of course there was an opportunity to have your picture taken while jumping in to Scrooges huge piles of money 😀

Star Wars: Galaxys Edge unveiling
At the showfloor you could also see a rather huge exhibit showing off the concept development for the upcoming Disneyland/WDW attraction Galaxys Edge that will be a whole land dedicated to Star Wars.
And it also had a small tribute to captain Rex the (now former) captain on Star Tours (yeah I miss him #bringbackrex).

Random stuff
There was lots of other stuff to see, so here are a few pictures more.

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