The Walt Disney Family Museum

The main purpose with our trip to San Francisco was to visit the Walt Disney Museum. After having visited the museum I will recommend it as an absolute must to visit for anyone going to SF. As a passionate disney fan I of course had to visit, but even if you’re not it’s an amazing museum, not only is it an interesting story of one of the most influential people in modern history, but it’s an extremely well made museum, the exhibits are beautiful, and includes lots of both text, video and objects, and it’s all really well presented. One thing that surprised me was that they do not avoid the controversies in the exhibit, the famous strike at the Disney studios is covered quite extensively. So absolutely worth a visit, and if I’m ever in SF again I will visit again.

Anyway, here is waaay too many pictures 😀

The regular exhibit ends witha collection of newspaper cartoons from the day Walt Disney died. This moved me more than I would have expected to see all these reactions from all over the world, so I took a lot of pictures here. There are way too many pictures actually, but luckily you dont have to click on all of them :p

Mickey exhibit

In another building there was a special exhibit about Mickey Mouse to celebrate his 90th anniversary.

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