Helicopter ride over New York City

As an added bonus to our trip to New York I gave my dad a helicopter ride over the city for christmas. To be honest I was a bit scared how my fear of heights would handle this since the helicopter ride I booked had no doors. But it went fine, it seems that my fear of heights only really gets to me when I have to rely on my own balance, as I demonstrated very well when we went to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

On the day of the flight, we showed up at FlyNYON about half an hour early and took care of some paperwork. After a short wait, we watched a security video and went through a quick but reassuring security demonstration. Surprisingly, people paid a lot more attention to this demo than they do on planes. Maybe airlines should consider flying without doors to get everyone’s attention.

After the briefings, we got suited up in our “flightsuits” and securely fastened our camera gear. Then we had a bit of a wait before being driven to the helipad. The rest is all captured in the video and pictures below.

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