Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty at The Met

On our first day in New York I took my dad to The Met. The primary exhibit we were going for was the Richard Avadon Murals, and of course we were also gonna go see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibit. Sadly the Avadon exhibit was rather small and dissapointing (or maybe we just couldn’t find the rest of it).
But the Lagerfeld exhibit lived up to the hype.

While I may not look it I do have a casual interest in fashion and design, so I did really enjoy this walk through the career of this giant of fashion.
The exhibit captures Lagerfeld’s career across several fashion houses including Chanel, Fendi, and his own label. It’s curated not just as a parade of high-end fashion but as a look into Lagerfeld’s process and his impact on fashion. The exhibit features around 150 pieces of his work.

It is beautiful how the exhibig merges Lagerfeld’s original sketches with the finished outfits. Even for someone not deeply entrenched in the fashion world, it’s fascinating to see how a simple sketch transforms into piece of clothing.

Me pretending to be Blair Waldorf at the stairs of the met

Any visit to The Met should include a visit to the rooftop terrace, so here is a couple of pictures of the view from up there.

And finally here is a picture of the front of the met with the Lagerfeld exhibit poster.

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