Comic Con panel: Red Dwarf

Since I was a tiny teenager back in the early nineties I have loved Red Dwarf. So when it was announced during ComicCon that there would be a Red Dwarf panel I of course had to make sure to get a seat. It turned out that I hadn’t really needed to get there so early for my seat as the panel hadn’t been advertised very well so we were very few people in attendance. This however meant that I could find a comfy seat where I could mount my camera and film this moment with Hattie Hayridge, Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules to enjoy forever.

In the video below Cat, Kryten and Holly fool around and talk about their expeirnces with Red Dwarf, and then they also annouce that there will be two new seasons where the first is likely to premiere in the beginning of 2016.


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